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THE TRUTH IS your Business and every business NEEDS a Mobile App! HERE's the killer...most think getting an App developed is out of their reach financially. And they were correct until LocalFusion came to town. Now is your opportunity to have your Apple and Android App developed and downloadable from the App stores FAST!  CLICK FOR Full Details

Custom Website Design

In this day and age, consumers have come to expect ALL businesses to have a solid online presence...at the very least, a Website. This is usually where they go to learn more about your company, products and services,,,and ultimately, whether they will do business with you. We specialize in Website Design for local businesses world wide. SEE 240+ Local Website Demos HERE

Hosting & Security

Internet security is an ongoing game of cat and mouse. Web designers, programmers, and developers are always working to stay a step ahead of the scam artists and hackers whose intention it is to spoof websites, steal identities, and reveal hacked information online. Search giant Google is at the forefront of the battle, and they are introducing some big changes for their Chrome browser starting in January 2017. CLICK FOR MORE INFO

Video Marketing

Are you convinced you’re doing everything you can do to market your business online? You probably have blog posts, photographs, and client testimonials – all the things you’re supposed to have. If your list of great content doesn’t include videos, though, you’re missing out. Let us help! Put a custom video on your website tomorrow- CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Custom Video Stingers

Launch your videos like a Hollywood blockbuster.  New York Internet provides you with astonishing professional, studio-quality intro animations and logo stingers that’ll glue your audience to the chair. Maximize your sales, shares and sign ups... with video Stingers and CTAs designed by pro-animators and pro-marketers to ensure your videos look amazing and convert like crazy too. CLICK HERE to VIEW STUNNING EXAMPLES.

Custom Video Intros

Video Intros are found at the beginning of professional Hollywood movies where a fancy logo is swished across the screen with tantalizing sound effects.   Video Intros used to only be seen on videos by studios with large budgets, but it’s now possible to have your Video Intro created in 3 easy steps at a reasonable cost.  See our Custom Intros HERE

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Our team of talented International designers and coders have all the skills and dedication need to make your App stand out from the crowd. We promise to bring you more business, more profits and a Mobile App/Website that will surely impress your clients! Do it Today!

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